Tuesday, March 16, 2010

female portraya/ self portrait

Marina Abramovic

Some of Abramovic’s work seems a bit dark and suspenseful especially since her wardrobe in most of her work is black. As I looked through her work, my first reaction was to ask questions such as what is she doing and why? She is usually part of her work and portrays herself in interesting ways. Through the interviews and the final results of her work, it is easy to see the amount of work that Abramovic puts into her work. I like how this artist uses full body interaction in her work and in very unusual ways. Her work challenges you to think further about what you are actually looking at.

Frida Kahlo

Kahlo’s work is very personal. Most of her work portrays her emotions and opinions because of some dramatic life events she has experienced. Through her work you can see that she has gone through difficult obstacles in her life especially because of they way she portrays herself in her work. It is very disturbing looking at these images representing self-mutilation but you can definitely see what state of mind she was in while creating the art. It kind of made we wonder how it would have been if I meet Kahlo in person, if she would show this side of her in person or if this was just something she provided only through her work.


Her work is personal but in an indirect way. While Kahlo and Abramovic include themselves in their work, Xuiwen shows her emotions and opinions using other people or objects. However, I do not think that her work is any less powerful or meaningful than the others. Her work did not disturb me as much. It mostly consisted of young pregnant females doing different things, wandering around, or being in places they should not be. I feel as if it doesn’t only reflect on her culture alone but also society today. There are so many recent teen pregnancies happening in our society and a lot of these young girls do not even know what they are doing.

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Project 1 pictures

Reaction to Artists Comments

Gregory Crewdson-As I looked through the comments that my classmates made on Gregory Crewdson, I have to say that I agreed with Katie when she said that his photographs portray a narrative. I also agreed with Elle when she said that his work conveyed a sense of loneliness, loss and sadness. Jeff Wall-When it comes to comments of Jeff Wall, I felt the same as Ryan when he says that he was confused and intrigued at the same time with his work. The use of these everyday objects and scenes are interesting. Cindy Sherman - Joey makes a good point when saying that these images have " always been a comfortable kind of image to lay eyes on". I also agree with
Susan when she says that Cindy Sherman's work gives you the feeling that you have seen these images before yet you know you haven't. Her work is very powerful. Tuen Hocks- I feel the same as Bryan and Andrew when they say that Hocks' work is a bit humorous. His work is very unusual and creative causing his work to be both humorous and interesting.